Kompazz: Some more screenshots of KompazzVG

Posted in kompazz, kompazzvg, Linux, Mobile Frameworks, openmoko by Karthik Murugesan on June 10, 2008

Its quite a long time since have provided any updates about KompazzVG. Hope the following screenshots of some test applications running on KompazzVG details the progress of KompazzVG.

1. Clock

2. Subway Map

3. Lion

4. Tiger with Scissoring

5. Line Stroking

6. Simple Path Stress Test

7. Compositing

8. Flowers

8. Image Wrapping (Perspective Transform)

9. Radial Gradient

10. Linear Gradient

11.Image Pattern

12. Image Pattern 2

13. Blending


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  1. george said, on July 17, 2008 at 10:58 am

    Hello Karthik,

    any news on KompazzVG (alpha) source code release?

    I myself am an Antigrain user and would love to see it GPU accelerated (not that it’s not fast, but faster is always better).


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