KompazzVG and ShivaVG

Posted in kompazzvg, Linux, openmoko, Uncategorized by Karthik Murugesan on March 25, 2008

Since I am not an OpenVG/graphics expert, I needed some reference OpenVG Implementation to validate my implementation and compare the rendering quality. I didnt consider the OpenVG RI because its a windows based implementation and I expect the rendering quality to be bad (just an instinct).

Other than the RI, ShivaVG is one complete good quality open source implementation which I found interesting because it uses OpenGL as the base rendering engine and also has a good amount of OpenVG test code.

Here’s the SVG tiger rendered using KompazzVG and ShivaVG. Thanks to Irvin of ShivaVG for his test code.


PS: Note that KompazzVG and ShivaVG implementations take different approaches.


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