How to access internet from Linux via Microsoft’s NTLM Proxy Server

Posted in Uncategorized by Karthik Murugesan on February 7, 2007

Most corporates allow access to internet through Microsoft’s Proxy Server which uses the properitory NTLM authentication. Even though most of the linux communication software provides some basic proxy support, none support NTLM authentication and hence accessing internet from linux is not possible.

In order to do the same from the Linux PC, you can install the NTLM Application Proxy Server (ntlmaps) from http://ntlmaps.sourceforge.net/ on your windows machine, configure it as specified in the README and run the same on your windows machine. Then configure your ntmaps hostname and port as the proxy server’s hostname and port in your linux machine. For example, you can configure the environment variable “http_proxy” to ntlmaps hostname:port, if you want wget to access the internet via NTLM proxy. Similarly most clients will have their own of defining the proxy. Check the corresponding manual on how to do the same.


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